PNAH is the local chapter of PHILIPPINE NURSES ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC., (PNAA) in the State of Hawaii, with the exception of island(s) which has/have been duly chartered by PNAA as a separate chapter of their own. PNAA is the official professional organization of Filipino-American Nurses in the United States of America (USA) and which is based in the continental USA. 




PNAH will uplift the positive image of the Filipino as a nurse; uphold the social welfare of its constituent members; promote and support professional excellence through education and community involvement, and contribute to significant outcomes for healthcare and society. 


The goals of PNAH shall include, but not be limited to: 

A. Unify Filipino-American Nurses in the State of Hawaii 

B. Network and collaborate with Filipino-American nurses in the State of Hawaii, the mainland and the Pacific. 

C. Partner with other agencies or entities to develop, implement, and evaluate programs in nursing leadership, practice, education, and research relevant to the professional growth of its members and healthcare needs of the community. 

D. Encourage college-bound youth who are of Filipino descent to become nurses by providing scholarship towards a nursing degree to deserving eligible students. 

E. Facilitate the professional advancement and cultural adjustment of Filipino-American Nurses in the state of Hawaii through collaboration with agencies and organizations in the state and in the Philippines. 

F. Participate actively in professional and healthcare cultural activities with professional organizations and agencies in the community and globally. 

G. Support legislation and public policies, locally or nationally, which will favorably affect healthcare outcomes and nursing practice. 

H. As a state chapter member of PNAA, promote and support the mission and goals of PNAA, Inc. 

I. Foster health and wellness among members and the local Filipino-American community. 


            Viability: Steadfast in professional existence 

            Vitality: Our dynamic essence is our strength 

            Visibility: Distinct presence and being in the community 



PNAH believes that to maintain a reputable image of Filipino nurses, the members’ actions and dealings with others should mirror the following: 

P: Professionalism and/or Positive Image 

R: Respect


I: Integrity 

D: Diversity 

E: Excellence in professional practice 



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As a subsidiary of the Philippines Nurses Association of America (PNAA), we support the overall mission of the PNAA in upholding the positive image and welfare of its constituent members. Please get in touch with us about your questions and concerns.


Philippine Nurses Association of Hawaii 

P.O. Box 1770 

Pearl City, Hawaii 96782 


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The Philippine Nurses Association of Hawaii

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