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PNAA Membership fee = $50 / PNAH Membership fee = $25; Total of $75/year


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Active Member: A professional RN of Philippine ethnic origin.


Associate Member: A professional RN of Non-Philippine ethnic origin.


Member-at-Large: A professional RN residing in a state where a Local Chapter does not exist.

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- Once application is received and processed, the applicant will receive a registration confirmation via email.


- An email will be sent to the applicant with instructions in creating unique ID Log-in Name (Email Address) and Password. This will provide access to visit For-Members-Only section in the website and to update profile/account settings.


- Members-at-Large will need validation from the PNAA Treasurer and Membership Committee prior to acceptance of the membership registration.

Make the check payable to PNAA and mail to:


PNAA Membership Chair

5061 Sancerre Circle

Lake Worth, FL 33463 

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Fely Perlas Email: 

PNAA shall not discriminate against any applicant or member on the basis of race, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion or handicap.

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As a subsidiary of the Philippines Nurses Association of America (PNAA), we support the overall mission of the PNAA in upholding the positive image and welfare of its constituent members. Please get in touch with us about your questions and concerns.


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